My love of animals has been with me since I can remember. In younger days I showed and trained horses for about 25 years. Horses make my heart sing, but helping animals is what I live for. Animals have unique ways of opening our hearts to possibilities we didn't realize were there. 


Anyone that has watched animals can see they are communicating with each other in a telepathic way. I've always felt animals are more connected with universal source energy and therefore more aware of their surroundings and each other. I first noticed this when I was training horses. It was clear that they had a connection with each other. Many times I saw a great connection with a horse and rider team, albeit the riders never made the connection that it was telepathic. That might be because society says it’s not possible. It is possible.

Over the years, I worked to fine-tune my natural abilities. It has become easy to connect to the energy of the animal and hear what they are saying. Sending energy healing was the natural next step. This also works with pets that have crossed over.


The single most important thing I've learned is that everything is energy. Being blessed with he ability to work with energy and shift it has been my life's greatest joy. 

I use my guides and angels to find issues that need clearing and healing. I ask about pain, inflammation and disease processes. I also ask about their happiness, upsets and what they need or want. When I find something interesting I get a better understating of what is going on. After clearing several issues it usually brings up more things to clear at deeper levels. 

Is there a behavior that you would like changed in your pet? I can work with them to handle what they need to heal to change that behavior. 

Animals want to be in balance and feel good. This allows them to be very receptive to energetic work and healing and not distracted by upsets. Most my sessions are done remotely or distance. I find it easier to work with a pet within my healing space of love and light. The connection is stronger between the subject and myself without distractions. Readings tend to be very accurate when done in this fashion. When owners are able to send a picture with the pet's name its helpful. 

Believing that animals choose us and for a higher purpose answers a lot of spiritual questions. I can't imagine my life without them. I wish everyone could feel this much love for a pet. It may shift something that's missing in a persons life and bring about a much needed healing. 



​I was so excited to get a pet reading and I did not realize how accurate it really was and how many categories that Terry actually covers.

I got a reading for my two dogs who have already passed. Grief is a very funny thing. It was not only very accurate, but it was actually a relief to hear from my pet whom I loved dearly. He was my best friend. They both were. I'm glad to know that my protective guard dogs are still around me.

I believe God has a special place for Terry unconditionally loving pets. Many blessings to you and your beautiful gift.

                                          Tina, Denver, Colorado


​Terry did a reading and found that my Cocker Spaniel Mitzie, was born with bad eyesight. She’s only 1½ years old and that would explain why she gets easily frightened. She also doesn’t want to go out after dark and now I know its because she can’t see.

Terry also found that she had a concussion about 6 months ago. I remember her running and hitting the corner of the couch face first and falling down. She got up and went to her bed and I thought she was okay. Now we’re taking her to specialist to see if there’s something that could help with her eyesight.

Terry also said Mitzie wanted a dog friend or to go to the dog park more often. She also said she wanted to play with big dogs and not the small ones. I thought that was funny because it is so true.

I loved this reading and will check back for future readings to see what’s going on with my dear Ms. Mitzie. 

                                          Leslie, West Palm Beach, Florida


My 8 year old, 80 pound bundle of love Lexi, was having some very serious health issues. I was so scared I was going to loose her.  Terry did a reading with Lexi and helped me understand so much of what was going on with her.

Lexi shared with Terry that she was having trouble swallowing and she felt like she was choking on her saliva. Terry shared with me that Lexi had some issues with her lungs and that Lexi was contemplating whether she should stay or go.  She also shared with me a few key things Lexi needed to hear from me.  So I did everything Terry read from Lexi. I began massaging her throat after I gave her pills, which was 3x a day.  

I shared with Lexi that she was the most perfect dog for me.  I was also able to deal with my emotions over the thought of loosing her. I went and had a good cry and was then able to be present and there for Lexi.  I wasn't shocked when the Vet shared that spots on her lungs during the x-ray.  I began to tell Lexi every day how much I loved her and that if she wanted to leave I'd love her every second. I also told her that I wanted her to stay. 

It's been a few weeks since talking with Terry and the amazing news is Lexi is doing so much better. Her symptoms have subsided, she's no longer on any medication and she seems happier then ever.  Which is all I've ever wanted.  Thank you Terry. You changed our lives with your beautiful gift.

​                                          Melissa, Ventura, California


I asked that Terry read my mom's dog, Buddy. He's highly anxious, has to take allergy shots now because he's allergic to nature. He had a yeast infection in his ears for 2 weeks. We're doing everything that the vets tells us but improvement seems to be slow.  

Terry said he must have been ready for this clearing because he was full of information that he wanted to share. 

The day after the reading my Mom shared, "What a strange feeling it gives me to hear about all these fears my poor little baby has.  I can't remember the date they started, but I knew just by the way he walked he was frightened. Today I see that he has calmed down, in that he is sleeping all day." 

I am sure this healing session will have good things happen, as this little dog has been out of his mind with fear and I had no idea how to help him.  

Terry was able to help to calm him greatly.  I do not know what she told him, but he is so much better than before she worked on him.  I would recommend her to anyone who has problems with their dog, which they cannot figure out.  Dogs have thoughts which will astound you.  They are very smart little creatures and it is in ours and their best interests to try to know what they are thinking, so we understand them better. 

                                           Claudia, Cherry Hill, New Jersey


All I can say is... WOW! I discovered so many amazing things about my beautiful beagle, Stella.  She shared with Terry that she wanted to eat three times a day instead of two.  That she didn't like her drinking water because it was too warm and that no one listened to her.  Terry shared with me how smart she was too.  

With all this new information, I immediately moved her water bowl out of the direct sun and began feeding her a small lunch by herself.  I also started acknowledging her how smart she was and talked to her more. In just a few days she seems to be such a happier dog and started playing with the other dogs. What a great change!

                                           Cary, San Diego, California



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Intuitive Energy Practitioner

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