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Everyone wants love and nurturing. After clearing your barriers to love, you may find it easier to enjoy your mate.


Readings can go in a lot of different directions.

As an Intuitive Energy Practitioner, I act as a facilitator to clear the clients blocks and physical world manifestations to allow them to choose for themselves a clear and concise way of life. Removing the stops that impinge on what true happiness brings to all areas of life. What would your life look and feel like with love and light everywhere you looked, in all areas of your life? 

I also use my abilities as a Psychic and Medium to receive and give messages.  As a Psychic, I connect with Spirit, God, Universe, Guides and Angels.  As a Medium, I connect with "Human Spirits" and "Animals Spirits" that have passed on and present themselves with messages for the client.

I've never thought people decided to have problems and drama in their lives. When there's drama it's usually driven by something unseen. By removing hidden blocks and stops to the life you want, the unwanted drama disappears too. Things seem to smooth out so you can manifest the life you want. 

I love my work. I prefer to guide the client gently through their stuff. You won't hear negative, discouraging words and you won't be left hanging. After a few sessions you may find that you clear quicker. The more you clear the faster it goes. 


One of my favorites that get the biggest shifts are clearing Past Lives. 

I've developed a technique to move through them quickly and pull out the dense, stuck energy that's blocking the client. This tends to clear the Karma too. Generally the shift is quick and results are lasting. ​Most clients feel it immediately.

Have you ever wondered if you've had past lives? Even if you don't believe you have, the healing is still very real and helpful. 

Past Life clearings are most beneficial when you've had long-standing issues that don't seem to resolve. This can be with the people and pets you have relationships with they could also be physical/health problems, or even mental or emotional difficulties. Finding the root cause will clear the issue. Many clients say they can feel the shifts for several days after the session. 

These clearings work whether in person, on the phone or by email. The energy is very powerful and allows the client to become self sufficient to eventually clear their own blocks. The goal is to have the client empowered and able to manifest anything they desire for their life. 

I direct positive energy toward my clients for their best interest and highest good. I want all my clients to live in their own power and able to manifest anything they desire. 


​Terry's work is very insightful -  she tunes into blocks you often may be completely unaware of. She assists you in clearing them, often removing layers of unwanted energy. She then shows you how to bring in the flow of positive energy! Terry surprised me in every session with her insights and amazing serendipitous events that occurred my life after the sessions. 


                                          Gull K, UK


Hey Ms. Terry, just wanted to drop a line and tell you how you're reading has changed my life for the better. Never thought anyone could teach an old dog new tricks and develop new habits that could help me through everyday life. I feel happier, lighter and alive with less fear. I find all this very interesting. Learning more about myself and finding out who I am makes life easier. Thanking you in every way. Have a good day

                                            Tina, Colorado


I have worked with Terry several times over the course of two years. I specifically came calling to uncover my abundance blocks. Through our work together, Terry uncovered long forgotten blocks and false beliefs that were keeping me stuck and blocking my abundance.  Our work together also gave me the ability to see that these opportunities were right in front of me the whole time however, my blocks were not allowing me to even notice them. Terry is very intuitive and a super guide into the unconscious and unknown that can be a source of many frustrating patterns keeping you from your best life.

                                             Rochelle, Montana


​Terry was amazing in helping me move through some emotional barriers from past relationships. I had a lot of childhood trauma that needed to be addressed. Though I have been working on this stuff for years, Terry was able to dig deep and make me challenge some beliefs that no longer served me. I was so relieved when I was able to release these emotions and move on. At the end of my sessions I felt like a new person ready to take on the world! Terry came highly recommended to me. I am so grateful for the referral to her. It has changed my life!

                                            Patti, Ohio

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Find and clear the barriers that are keeping your business or career stuck.

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Remove the dense dark energies that inhibits your forward progress to help create the life of your dreams.

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Readings on all matters of life and questions. Clear your blocks to manifesting your life's desires.


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